Scheduled Maintenance - 18 JAN thru 19 JAN 2018

Wed, Jan 17 2018 08:00:00

Completed: (19JAN2018 09:15 UTC) We've completed all scheduled maintenance at this time. These updates were necessary to mitigate CPU vulnerabilities (specifically Meltdown) that were recently disclosed by Google's Project Zero. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Update: (19JAN2018 09:00 UTC) We've started maintenance. Account and channel services will be unavailable during this time.

Update: (19JAN2018 04:20 UTC) Maintenance completed. The next and final round of maintenance for January 19, 2018 will take place at 09:00 UTC.

Update: (19JAN2018 04:00 UTC) We've started another round of maintenance. Servers you are connected to may restart; although, you should be able to immediately reconnect. If not, we suggest you reconnect using Downtime should be minimal.

Update: (18JAN2018 09:15 UTC) We've completed all maintenance for the January 18, 2018 window.

Update: (18JAN2018 04:00 UTC) We've started maintenance for our January 18, 2018 window. You may see some restarts and netsplits. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Scheduled: We will be performing maintenance on some of our IRC servers, including services.*, the machine that provides our account and channel services, starting January 18, 2018 thru January 1 9, 2018 betweeen 4:00 AM - 9:00AM UTC each day. We will update this post once the work is complete.

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