How can I hide my hostname on DareNET?

DareNET provides a user mode which allows you to hide your host/ip completely from other users.

To use it, you will need a registered DareNET account, which you can get here (for free) if you don't already have one, and authenticated to N. Once you're authed, simply use: /mode yournick +x.

Once set, you will get confirmation that your hidden host is active through a notice from the server, similar to "accountname.user.darenet is now your hidden host." Other users will see you quit and rejoin all channels you are in with your new host. We recommend you set this mode prior to joining in the channels. You can have N automatically set you +x upon authenticating to your account by enabling the AUTOHIDE option. See /msg N HELP SET AUTOHIDE for more information.

Additionally, users who use our login-on-connect feature will automatically have their host hidden upon connecting to the network. You can also customize your hidden host by choosing a custom title. Visit the custom titles page for more details.

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