Updates from the people who run DareNET

Services Update (1.2.0)

We just recently updated our network services (evo) to version 1.2.0, which contains some small changes and fixes. Here are the highlights:

Server-side MLOCK

Server-side mode locks are now fully supported by C. This means that the server will prevent channel operators from setting modes that would violate the channel's SET MODES setting. Users with access in the channel greater or equal to what is set for the SET ENFMODES setting may still use C's MODE command to change modes freely.

If you want to prevent any mode changes, from anyone, that would violate the channel's SET MODES setting, change SET ENFMODES to 501.

Trusted logins

In the past, you had to be using a host that matched an entry on your account's mask list to authenticate to it, or use the AUTHCOOKIE command. A lot of users found this confusing and/or annoying; therefore, we have removed this requirement.

Users who did like this extra bit of security may re-enable it by using N's SET TRUSTED option. See /msg N HELP SET TRUSTED for more information.

Authenticating with CertFP

While we've offered CertFP authentication for quite sometime, we figured we'd talk about it some again, since most users don't even know it exists.

CertFP allows users connected via SSL with a client certificate to authenticate to N using the SHA1 fingerprint of their client certificate. You may be asking yourself what that gets you. Well, you can get rid of any auth scripts or auto-perform commands you've been using. Since you're authenticated with your certificate fingerprint you don't need them anymore. That also means no longer having to store your password in them! And by using SSL, your connection to the IRC server is encrypted.

For more information on setting up CertFP for your account and using it with login-on-connect, check out our CertFP Authentication guide.

As always, if you have questions or need asisstance, stop by #help.

Services Updates

Just a bit ago we updated our network services (evo) to version 1.1.0 today, which mostly encompassed minor bug fixes.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, stop by #help and let us know!

Join the Mafia!

Our development team (namely Jerry and TheGreatSparky) have been working tirelessly on an implementation of the widely popular Mafia party game (also known as Werewolf) specifically for DareNET. You can play in #Mafia. You'll need a DareNET account, which you can get here.

For instructions on how to play the game, simply type !howtoplay once you've join the channel.

Server maintenance update

Now that the dust has mostly settled, we'd like to thank you all for bearing with us as we performed some server maintenance, which included upgrading all of our IRC servers to ircd-darenet 2. While this upgrade encompasses many changes, the most notable ones for users are as follows:

To connect to an IPv6 capable server, use

Once again, thank you all for your patience!