About Us

We built DareNET to bring people together

IRC network

DareNET is an inclusive, multi-purpose community centered around an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network. Our free service makes it easier for you to join in on conversations about topics that interest you or start your own -- all in real-time. Our team is a small, passionate group whose mission is to bring people together around IRC. We take free speech seriously, and everyone here is committed to providing a secure and stable network for communities to thrive on.

DareNET Archives


We created the DareNET Archives to preserve and provide access to all kinds of rare or difficult-to-find, legally downloadable IRC software and documentation. Our collection mostly centers around various IRC clients, bots, daemons, services packages, and tools. Over 250 projects have been archived to date.

DareNET Development Platform (powered by GitLab)

darenet.dev (previously c.darenet.org)

We run our own GitLab instance to host source code and issues and collaborate across teams and other software development infrastructure under a single, unified experience.

If you have a question, you can ask it in our live help channel or drop us a line. We love feedback, as well.