Our Services

We provide the following services on DareNET:

N N is our account and nickname management service. It provides numerous features that help users maintain their account, and claim ownership of nicknames.
C C is our channel service. It provides numerous features that help automate channel management, prevent channel takeovers and generally make things easier for both users and staff.
V V is our title and fake host management service. It allows you to set custom titles for your account.
H H is our help queue management service, or, more simply put, it allows you to request assistance from network staff.
G G allows network staff to send important information to users. It also allows you to retrieve, at once, all important messages addressed to you.

In addition to the services listed above, various "fun bots" are also available, such as fishbot, snailbot, SubBot and MafBot (#mafia).

Server-side aliases

The following server-side aliases are available:

  • /NickServ <text>
  • /NS <text>
  • /ChanServ <text>
  • /CS <text>
  • /HostServ <text>
  • /HS <text>

Most IRC clients will allow you to use the above aliases directly; however, if your client does not, you may need to prefix the alias with /QUOTE or /RAW instead, for example: /quote nickserv <text>.


DareNET staff will NEVER ask you for your password, and N is the only service on the IRC network that requires you to use your account password to authenticate. To help ensure you're always sending your password to N, we recommend using one of the following methods to authenticate:

  • /auth [username] <password>
  • /msg N AUTH [username] <password>
  • /NS AUTH [username] <password>