V service guide

V is our vanity host services bot here on DareNET. It allows you to set and manage custom titles for your account.

NOTE: You may only change your title once every 14 days. The format for your title would be <your-account-name>.<title>.darenet


  1. Usage
  2. Selecting a title
  3. Selecting a random title
  4. Removing a title/fakehost
  5. Group hosts
  6. Listing group host invitations
  7. Accepting a group host invitation
  8. Denying a group host invitation


You can communicate with V via private message, or through server-side aliases, as shown below:

  • /msg V <text>
  • /msg V@services.darenet.org <text>
  • /hostserv <text>
  • /hs <text>

For the purpose of this document, we will be using the first method listed, as not all IRC clients readily support server-side aliases without additional setup and/or client commands; however, you can choose to use any of the above methods as they are all equivalent.

Selecting a title

Syntax: /msg V TITLE <your-title>

The TITLE command is used to set the given title for your account.

A list of available titles to choose from can be found on the titles page.

Example: /msg V TITLE loves

This would set the title loves for your account, making your hidden host: your-account-name.loves.darenet.

Selecting a random title

Syntax: /msg V RANDOM

If you're feeling lucky or adventerous you can have V randomly select a title for you (from the titles page) by using the RANDOM command.

Removing a title/fakehost

Syntax: /msg V RESET

You can remove a title or group fakehost for your account by using the RESET command, which will change it back to the default 'user' title.

Group hosts

Group hosts are customized fakehosts that are accessible to those who have been invited by a manager of the group. They typically have the following format: your-account-name.staff.group-name. Their purpose is to help identify members of such groups.

Listing group host invitations

Syntax: /msg V PENDING

The PENDING command will list all group host invitations you haven't accepted or denied.

Accepting a group host invitation

Syntax: /msg V ACCEPT <group-name>

Once you have accepted the group host invitation with the ACCEPT command, your account will be updated to reflect the group host.

Example: /msg V ACCEPT acme

This would accept the group host invitation from the group acme.

Denying a group host invitation

Syntax: /msg V DENY <group-name>

If you don't wish to accept a group host invitation, you can use the DENY command to remove it from your pending list.

Example: /msg V DENY acme

This would remove the group host invitation sent by the aceme group from your pending list.

Should you still need assistance, stop by #Help on IRC.