Updates from the people who run DareNET

Services updated - 1.7.0

We just finished rolling out an update to our IRC services (e.g., ChanServ, NickServ, etc.). While this was primarily an maintenance update, a few new features were introduced, which we'll highlight below.

NickServ Settings

We've added two new account settings to NickServ:


Usage: SET PARANOID [on|off]

We've tried to make replies sent by NickServ, and other services, less verbose. Consequently, we no longer display the last login information when you successfully authenticate to your account. If you'd still like to see this information, you can enable the paranoid option.


Usage: SET WEATHER [location[, state] | zipcode]

You can now link a weather location to your account, which will be used by ChanServ if you do not specify one for the weather or forecast commands.

ChanServ Settings


Usage: SET BANAPPEAL [text]

You can now set a ban appeal policy, which will be shown in the info output for your channel. In general, this is the first place we'll direct users inquiring about channel bans in #help.

ChanServ Toys


Usage: see /msg ChanServ HELP TOYS

We realize that not all channel owners are impressed with ChanServ's toys as others; therefore, you (or anyone with setters access in the channel) can now easily enable or disable such toys on an individual basis. Should a user try to use a toy you have disabled, the command will simply be ignored.

New Toys

We've added, or reenabled the following toys:

Beer Advocate

Displays rating and type information for a beer from

Usage: .beer <name of beer>


<SecretAgent> .beer Pliny The Younger
<@ChanServ> Beer: Pliny The Younger - Grade: 100 [world-class] Style: American Double / Imperial IPA ABV: 11.00% [ ]

IP Info

Displays geo-location information for an IP address / hostname.

Usage: .ipinfo <ip address | hostname>


<SecretAgent> .ipinfo
<@ChanServ> IPInfo: Host/IP: ( | Location: Palo alto, California, United states, [US]
<@ChanServ> IPInfo: Map:,-122.14

<SecretAgent> .ipinfo
<@ChanServ> IPInfo: Host/IP: ( | Location: Bend, Oregon, United states, [US]
<@ChanServ> IPInfo: Map:,-121.331


Displays a quote from the popular quote database. If you do not specify a quote id, a random quote will be shown.

Usage: .qdb [id]


<SecretAgent> .qdb
<@ChanServ> QDB: [#31343]: <funk> \o/ <-- person in posession of pie

<SecretAgent> .qdb 5757
<@ChanServ> QDB: [#5757]: <bytraper> sheesh... I crashed the last company car I had :/
<@ChanServ> QDB: [#5757]: <bytraper> I pulled the sun visor down and a spider with 15 legs dropped from it 
<@ChanServ> QDB: [#5757]: <girlie-> 15 legs.. lol 
<@ChanServ> QDB: [#5757]: <Dark_un> thats almost 2 spiders

Urban Dictionary

Displays a definition for a term from the urban dictionary.

Usage: .urbandict <term> [-d<num>]


<SecretAgent> .urbandict test
<@ChanServ> Urban Dictionary: Showing up to first 3 definitions for test 
<@ChanServ> [1/19] test - To check if something coresponds the promised result or what effect does it have at all.
<@ChanServ> [2/19] test - 1. the main cause of explosions. 2. any thing dreaded that your "teachers" say is "good" for you. soon after, you explode for no reason. 3. what scientists do to make stuff explode. 4. when a sheet of... 
<@ChanServ> [3/19] test - A process for testing things 
<@ChanServ> To view a single definition with a related example, type .urbandict -dNUMBER. For more definitions, visit: 

<SecretAgent> .urbandict test -d4
<@ChanServ> Urban Dictionary: Showing definition 4 for test 
<@ChanServ> [4/19] test - slang for testosterone..steroid hormones. 
<@ChanServ> Example: This cycle I'm stacking test with fina for some serious gains.  


Validates the given website against the W3C Markup Validation Service.

Usage: .validator <url>


<SecretAgent> .validate
<@ChanServ> was found to be invalid with 39 errors and 0 warnings. see: 


Search YouTube for a video.

Usage: .youtube <search>


<SecretAgent> .youtube apples
<@ChanServ> YouTube: APPLE.MOV | URL (02:39) | Views 3,701,458 | Rating 4.77/5 
<@ChanServ> YouTube: 39,935 votes, [+] 37,666 likes [-] 2,269 dislikes 

That's it! Should you need assistance, please join #help.

ircd-darenet upgrade (1.5.2)

Over the next week or two, we'll be looking to upgrade the network to the latest stable release of ircd-darenet, 1.5.2. This will mean that every server will reboot; although, everyone should be able to reconnect, immediately, without any difficulty. This is purely a maintenance release that fixes a few minor issues; no new features have been added.

We expect the upgrades to run smoothly; however, should you encounter any issues, please report them to #dev.

Happy New Year!

We'd like to wish all of you who make this community so great a Happy New Year! Hopefully 2012 will be a great year for you, your family  and DareNET.