Updates from the people who run DareNET

DareNET Certificate Authority

While our IRC servers have always supported SSL connections on ports 6697 and 9999, we've finally gotten around to signing our certificates using our own DareNET Certificate Authority (CA). For more details, including how you can download and verify our CA, go here.

For information on how to connect to DareNET using an encrypted connection (TLS/SSL), check out our Using SSL guide.

ircd-darenet upgrade (1.5.2)

Over the next week or two, we'll be looking to upgrade the network to the latest stable release of ircd-darenet, 1.5.2. This will mean that every server will reboot; although, everyone should be able to reconnect, immediately, without any difficulty. This is purely a maintenance release that fixes a few minor issues; no new features have been added.

We expect the upgrades to run smoothly; however, should you encounter any issues, please report them to #dev.