Gline lookup

This page allows you to check your connection for a G-line (network ban). If any matches are found, you will be provided with instructions on how you may request a network ban removal.

Checking for a G-line on '' (

No G-line found for your host.

If you are still having trouble connecting to the network, it may be due to one of the following:

  • You are trying to connect from an IP address other than:
  • Your IP address is on a list of previously compromised machines (known as a DNSBL).
  • Your username is invalid.

Connecting from a different IP address

If the IP address you use while web browsing differs from the one you use while connecting to the network (i.e., proxy, bouncer, etc.), this lookup tool will not function properly. You will need to visit this page using the IP address you use when trying to connect to the network.

IP address listed in DNSBL

When you connect to the network, we check if your IP address is listed as a compromised machine on reputable DNS black lists (DNSBL). If you've previously attempted to connect to DareNET using an open proxy, it's possible we've automatically submitted your IP address to one or more of these lists as well. You can check this yourself at robotex.

Note: If you have a DareNET account, you can bypass the DNSBL checks by using our login-on-connect feature. For more information, see our Login-on-Connect guide.

Invalid username

If you are receiving the error message "USER: Bad Username" while attempting to connect to the network, rest assured that you have not been banned! Usernames must follow a few specific rules, which are explained here; however, the simple and easy fix is to edit the user/email portion of your IRC client's configuration options to something that does not contain any uppercase letters, numbers or special characters other than '@'.