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These instructions are known to work with XChat 2.8. They will NOT work with earlier versions!

You'll first need to copy the mynick.pem file you created to your ~/.xchat2 directory. The filename MUST be <network>.pem, so in our case DareNET.pem.

% cp mynick.pem ~/.xchat2/DareNET.pem

Now, start up XChat.

We need to tell it to connect to DareNET using SSL:

  1. Go to the XChat menu and select Network list.
  2. Find DareNET in the list of networks and select edit (if it's not there, add it!)
  3. You may keep as the server, but make sure your port is set to +6697 or +9999.
  4. Check "Use SSL for all the servers on this network" and "Accept invalid SSL certificate"
  5. Click "Close" and then "Connect"

Optionally, you can install our CA certificate as a trusted source.

Once done, read how to add your certificate's fingerprint to N.

Should you still need assistance, stop by #Help on IRC.