User modes

User modes allow you to specify how easy it will be for other people to find you, who can message you and what kind of information the server should pass on to you. They are also commonly referred to as umodes.

Modes can be set and removed through the /MODE and /UMODE commands on IRC:

/mode yournick +|- mode(s)


/umode +|- mode(s)

Examples setting modes

/mode trip +iw
/mode trip +R

/umode +iw
/umode +R

Examples removing modes

/mode trip -iw
/mode trip -R

/umode -iw
/umode -R

Available user modes

Below is a list of the available user modes.

Mode Name Description
Modes that enhance privacy
i Invisible Hides you from global WHO/WHOIS, and shows only shared channels in /WHOIS output.
I Hide idle-time Hides your sign-on and idle time.
n Hide channels Hides what channels you haved join in /WHOIS and /WHO outputs.
x Hidden host Hides your hostname and IP address (automatically set)
Modes that prevent certain messages
d Deaf Prevents you from receiving channel messages.
q Common chans-only Blocks private messages from users who don't share a common channel with you.
R Registered-only PRIVMSG Blocks private messages from unauthenticated users.
Modes that provide information
w Wall messages Subscribes you to important notices about the status of the network.
Modes only settable by services or a server
z TLS Given to users who have connected via TLS.
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