FAQ: Channel ban removal

I've been banned from a channel, can you unban me?

If you have been banned from a channel, you must contact the channel owner or a channel operator for that channel if you wish to appeal the ban. Channel owners and operators are free to ban anyone from their channel, regardless of the reason. DareNET staff will not assist in reversing channel bans.

Please note that while you are welcome to appeal a channel ban, intentionally evading a channel ban, or harassing others due to receipt of a channel ban (or any other reason) is against our Community Guidelines and may result in a network ban and/or account suspension.

Who can I contact to unban me?

First, check to see if the channel has established a ban appeal policy, by using the following command:

/msg C INFO #channel

If one is set, we suggest following any instructions given.

If no ban policy was set, then we recommend reaching out to the individual who banned you (if known) or the channel's owner to try and resolve the issue. The owner of a channel can be found by also using the command shown above.

What if I'm banned from my own channel?

By default, user's on the channel's user list can remove bans matching them by using the following command:

/msg C UNBANME #channel

How do I set a ban appeal policy for my channel?

We highly suggest you set a ban appeal policy for your channel, as it's the first place we'll point users wanting assistance getting a ban lifted in your channel.

Channel owner's and those with "setters" access on the channel can set or modify the channel's ban appeal policy by using the following command:

/msg C SET #channel BANAPPEAL text here

For example:

/msg C SET #darenet BANAPPEAL To appeal a ban, please contact support@darenet.org

Should you still need assistance, stop by #Help on IRC.