FAQ: DNS blocklists

If you were directed to this page after being disconnected from DareNET, it's likely your IP address is listed in a DNS blocklist.

Why do you use DNS blocklists?

We use multiple providers of DNSBL services to check against lists of known IP addresses recently used for spamming or as attack vectors for other nefarious activity. These lookups are automated; we do not control these lists, nor can we remove a listing on your behalf.

We also submit addresses we have found to be sources of such activity for inclusion in these blocklists.

How do I request removal of my IP address?

For your convenience, here are some (but not all) of the DNSBL providers we use and their lookup pages.

You can also use a multi RBL lookup tool to check a large number of blocklists at one time.

My IP address keeps getting listed, what can I do?

Unfortunately, users of some ISPs may find themselves repeatedly listed through no fault of their own. We allow most DNSBL checks to be bypassed by users who authenticate to their account while connecting. See the Login-on-connect and SASL guides for more information.

Should you still need assistance, stop by #Help on IRC.