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Login-on-Connect (LOC) allows you to automate logging into your account while connecting to the network, removing the need to manually supply N your credentials each time you connect. This feature also allows you to bypass most DNSBL scans, which is useful for users of some ISPs.

How to use it?

You'll need a DareNET N account. You can get one here, if you don't already have one.

Login-on-connect uses the server password feature built into most IRC clients, All you have to do is put your login information in the server password box, as shown below:



username password

That is, your username and password should be separated by either a colon or space.

For example, if my username is NiTeMaRe, and my password is ApPlEsAuCe, I'd put the following into the password box:



NiteMare ApPlEsAuCe

Now, whenever I connect to DareNET, I should see a message like the following:

*** Attempting service login...
*** Service login successful
*** Last account login 2 minutes and 7 seconds ago at this host: nick!user@host [0 failed login attempts since last login]
Welcome to the DareNET IRC Network, ...

Forced logins

If your login is rejected, the server will still proceed with the connection but you will not be logged in. You can force the server to disconnect you if login-on-connect fails for any reason by prefixing your username with an exclamation mark.

For example: /server !username:password

Server Passwords

If the server you're connecting to requires a password (not common for most users), you should format your login information as follows:



If the Login-on-Connect feature isn't working for you due to an error, you'll receive a message indicating why. For example:

*** Attempting service login...
*** Service login failed (Invalid username/password)

Possible error messages:


If you're still unable to solve these problems on your own, stop by #help for assistance.

Should you still need assistance, stop by #Help on IRC.