FAQ: Trusts

What is a trust?

We allow a maximum of five connections from the same IP address, to help prevent abuse. A trust is a setting that allows this limit to be exceeded. 

Trust guidelines

To keep a trust, these guidelines must be adhered to at all times:

  • Clients must adhere to our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines
  • Clients must serve a legitimate purpose, i.e., they must be real users or bots that provide a useful service
  • Long term trusts must run identd (see RFC1412 for details) and prevent clients from changing their ident reply

It's the trust contact's responsibility to ensure compliance with these guidelines. Failure to do so may result in clients connecting from the trusted IP address being banned from DareNET and the trust being revoked. Should the trust contact lose access to their account, the trust will be revoked.

Trusts automatically expire after 60 days of no use.

How do I get a trust?

Note: You must request your trust via IRC; requests submitted via email will be rejected.

To request a trust, join #help and open a ticket with H, /msg H I'd like to request a trust. The next available staff member will assist you.

Please have the following information handy:

  • Be logged into your account
  • Number of connections required. Please be realistic, and only requests as many as needed; you'll be able to increase it later if needed
  • The IP address to be trusted. This must be a static IP address
  • Reason for the trust. You'll be asked to explain why you need more than five connections to DareNET.

How can I modify my trust?

If you are the contact for a trust and wish to change its settings, please join #help and open a ticket with H. For example:

/msg H I'd like to modify my trust. Trust ID #281. Current number of users connected 25/30.

The next available staff member will message you to discuss what changes you'd like made. Please note that the only settings that may be modified are: expiration date, number of allowed connections and IP addresses.

Why are my clients being disconnected for exceeding the connection limit?

The following messages are displayed to users prevented from connecting for exceeding a connection limit:

Too many connections from your host

This means there isn't a trust for the IP address the user is connecting from and the connection limit has been exceeded.

Too many connections from your trust

All trusts have a connection limit associated with them, which is shared among all IP addresses that are added for that trust. If a user is receiving this message, then the limit was reached. Trust contacts may request a limit increase by asking in #help.

Too many connections from your username

Each user connecting from a trusted host must have a unique ident (username). If a user is getting this message, it's because there are too many connections from the trust with the same ident.

IDENT required from your host

All connections from a trusted host must have a working IDENT response. Ensure your IDENT daemon is running and working properly. You may also want to check your firewall settings to ensure DareNET's servers can connect to it.

Should you still need assistance, stop by #Help on IRC.