Yeti is an in-house snircd (ircu) fork that aims to make the code base more modular and maintainable. It'll serve as ircd-darenet2's replacement.

What's changed?

Some notable changes between ircd-darenet2 and yeti include:

Can I still use login-on-connect?

Yes, the login-on-connect method is still supported for those clients that don't support SASL.

What client capabilities are supported?

Yeti supports version 3.2 client capability negotation and the following capabilites:

What new channel modes are available?

Yeti introduces three new channel modes:

+I - Invite exception lists

Takes a mask parameter, and extended bans are supported. Matching clients do not need to be invited to join the channel when it is invite-only (+i); however, unlike the /invite command, this does not override +l and +r.

+H - Hidden b/e/q/I lists

When enabled, only channel (half)operators can see ban, ban exception, quiet and invite exception list changes; and use /mode to list such lists.

+x - Reduced moderation

When enabled, messages blocked by +m, +b and +q are instead sent to the channel operators.

Yeti also offers a few enhanced features for registered channels, which we'll discuss more in an upcoming blog post.