FAQ: Account and Password

Can I have more than one account?

Yes, however, in most cases this is not necessary. If you're wanting to reserve a few nicknames you commonly use, you can register them to your account  by using N's REGNICK command on IRC, which links them to your account (preventing others from using them).

How do I log in to my account on IRC?

To authenticate to your account, use one of the following commands:

  • /msg N@services.darenet.org AUTH <username> <password>
  • /nickserv AUTH <username> <password>
  • /ns AUTH <username> <password>
  • /auth <username> <password>
  • /identify <username> <password>

Remember, don't include the brackets around your username and password. If you're using a nickname that is registered to your account, you can omit the username portion and just supply your password. You may also specify your email address in place of your username.

How do I setup my IRC client to automatically log in?

Please see the Using SASL or Login-on-Connect guides for information on how to achieve this.

Can I use a SSL certificate to log in on IRC?

Yes, please see the CertFP authentication guide for more information on how authenticate via a client certificate fingerprint.

Why doesn't my SSL certificate fingerprint work anymore?

Make sure your certificate has not expired. You can try checking with openssl x509 -text -noout -in yourcert.pem.

I forgot my username, how can I find out what it is?

Simply authenticate on IRC or log into the site using your email address. Your username will be shown to you once you log in.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

You can request a password reset by using N's RESETPASS command or the forgot password feature on the site. We'll send you an email with a link to reset your password.

When do accounts and nicknames expire?

Please keep in mind that accounts and nicknames are two different entities, while it's possible to register nicknames to your account.

That said, accounts don't automatically expire; however, accounts that are no longer active, meaning not used for at least 12 months, may be reclaimed by DareNET without notice.

Nicknames are considered expired after 60 days without use. Once a nickname is expired, it may be registered by anyone.

Nicknames which are at least two weeks old, but were last used less than two hours after their registration may also be considered expired. Such nicknames aren't automatically expired and may be requested in #help. None of these limits apply to staff-reserved nicknames, or nicknames that match the account name it's registered to.

If my account is reclaimed by DareNET, will the new username owner have access to my information?

No. The new owner of the username will never have access to any of your data, including settings, or channel access.

How do you know the last time a nickname was used?

We know this only as a result of you authenticating to N and using the nickname. If you're not authenticated (logged in) to N while using the nickname, we won't know that your nickname is in use, and it will eventually expire.

Can I takeover a registered nickname that hasn't been used in awhile?

Nicknames that haven't been used after 60 days are automatically expired, allowing others to register them. Any other nicknames that are considered expired are dropped manually as we notice them, or a user asks for it. To request such nicknames, please join #help and speak with a staff member.

Is there a minimum length for nicknames?

We require at least two characters for account usernames and nicknames.

How can I prevent my host from being hidden?

Everyone automatically receives a hidden host when they connect. If you'd prefer to show your actual host, no problem. First, disable the AUTOHIDE setting for your account, /msg N SET AUTOHIDE OFF. Then configure your client to use either the SASL or Login-on-Connect method to authenticate. Once done, simply reconnect.

If in the future you'd like to reenable automatic hosthiding for your account, simply enable the AUTOHIDE setting.

Why was my account suspended?

The most common reason for an account being suspended is due to repeated violations of our Community Guidelines. You should first check your email, as you should have received an email indicating why. If not, please go here (be sure to use the email associated with the account).

Why was my account deleted?

When an account is terminated, the account owner receives an email detailing the reason for the termination.

Reasons accounts can be terminated:

How do I permanently delete my account?

Heading out? We understand and will miss you!

If you've made up your mind and want to permanently delete your account, you can do so through your  account settings page.

How do I restore my deleted account?

Deleting an account is permanent. Once it's gone, it cannot be restored.

Should you still need assistance, stop by #Help on IRC.