Testlink Process

This page provides general information on how we review link applications and administer our testlink process.

Pre-application assistance

We encourage all potential server sponsors to approach a member of Infrastructure team prior to submitting an application. They'll be able to answer any questions you may have and assist with many aspects of your application; however, this not obligatory.

Application submission

This is the first official step to sponsoring a server for DareNET.  The process from here on in is controlled by the Infrastructure team,  and you should address all inqueries to the issue created on the tracker for you once you submit your application.

You should ensure your server is up and running prior to submitting your application. It should be ready for an immediate link to the network once the necessary software has been installed and configured by the Infrastructure team.

Applications are judged, to a large extent, on their content and professionalism, so you're encouraged to take time to fill it out to the best of your ability and provide all requested information. You should be truthful and accurate in your responses. Your application will be scrutinised and verified, and if found to be intentionally false, you'll be barred from being involved with this network in any official capacity.

Technical evaluation

The second phase of the process is a technical evaluation of the server, which may include:

  • NOC authorizaton (i.e., are you actually allowed to run an IRC server for a public network)
  • Machine specifications meet our minimum requirements
  • Required software is installed
  • Operating system and installed software are up-to-date (e.g., no outstanding security updates)
  • Properly synchronized with a time server
  • Firewalled properly
  • Adequate bandwidth and routing

Our Infrastructure team may request additional information from you to verify details about your application. We expect applicants to respond to any reasonable requests.


Once both the application review and technical evaluation have been completed, we will notify you of our decision. If moving forward in the process, the server will be linked to the network on a trial basis. During this time, your server's performance will be further evaluated for at least 30 days.

For those applicants not offered a testlink, we ask that they wait at least 90 days if they wish to reapply.

Testlink review

Once the testlink period has ended, a decision will be made on whether to grant permanent link (permlink) status or delink the server. In the case of delink, we will provide an explanation for our decision and work with the applicant to effect the delink. We ask that those not offered a permlink wait at least 90 days if they wish to reapply.