Testlink Process

This page provides general information on how we review link applications and administer our testlink process.

Pre-application assistance

We encourage you, the prospective server administrator, to approach our Infrastructure team prior to submitting a link application request. They'll be able to assist you with many aspects of your application, from setting up and securing your server, to application drafting assistance, to assisting with routing and firewall issues. This is not obligatory, as you may send your application request directly to infra-apps at lists.darenet.org; however, the server will pass through a testlink evaluation and there may be a delay if it does not meet the standard required by DareNET.

Application submission

At this stage, your server should be ready for an immediate link to DareNET once the ircd has been installed.

This is the first official step in linking a server to DareNET. The process from here on in is controlled by the Infrastructure team. All inqueries should be addressed in the first instance to infrastructure at darenet.org.

Applications are judged, to a large extent, on their content and professionalism, so you're encouraged to provide all requested information and to take time to fill it out to the best of your ability. You should be truthful and accurate in your responses. Your application will be scrutinised, and if found to be intentionally false, you'll be barred from being involved with this network in any official capacity.

Technical evaluation

A technical evaluation of your server will be conducted, which may include:

  • NOC authorizaton (i.e., are you actually allowed to run an IRC server for a public network)
  • Machine specifications meet our minimum requirements
  • Required software is installed
  • Operating system and installed software are up-to-date (e.g., no outstanding security updates)
  • Properly synchronized with a time server
  • Firewalled properly
  • Adequate bandwidth and routing

You will be expected to respond to any reasonable requests by our Infrastructure team to verify details about your application.


If your application passes technical evaluation, you may be extended an offer for testlink. Once we receive confirmation of your acceptance of the offer, a member of the Infrastructure team will configure your server appropriately and initiate the actual link.

Your server's routing and connectivity will be further evaluated during this period, lasting no less than 30 days.

Teslink review

After your testlink period has ended, the Infrastructure team will review the server's overall performance during that time. A vote will be conducted to determine if the server should be granted permanent link (permlink) status. If the team's review of the server deems it necessary to delink the server, you will be notified and arrangements will be made to effect the delink.


If your server is granted permlink status, a member of DareNET's administration will contact you to provide more information regarding network policy, setup any necessary access and privileges, and discuss your interest in any specific teams.

Should you not be extended an offer for permlink status, you may reapply after three months.